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Single Storey Extension Design Options

At Vivaldi Construction we are always looking to offer our clients the best choices of products to provide the living space they need. We have always offered the option of a full glass roof conservatory, which with advances in the thermal performance of glass can certainly provide a room that can be enjoyed all year round and these should be viewed more as glazed extensions, however for clients looking for the benefits of a traditional solid roofed single storey extension we are pleased to be able to offer our solid roofed conservatory as the modern, stylish option to a single storey extension.

Single Storey Extension Alternative - Modern Stylish Option

Our solid roofed conservatory option is a modern, lightweight product that brings all the benefits of a single storey extension but is clean and quick to install, using factory engineered products making the installation on site smooth and hassle free. The lightweight construction uses engineering grade structural rafters and, like all our conservatory designs, is structurally proven. The structure and your choice of external MetroLite or Tapco roof tiles are light enough to allow installation on to conservatory style side frames making it a good option for a replacement conservatory if the client wants a solid roofed look and feel. It is often possible to retain the existing base, walls and side frames and simply install this product as a replacement conservatory roof This would transform an existing conservatory in to a single storey extension, with the minimum of fuss.

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Single Storey Extension or Conservatory - The Choice Is Yours

If we are installing a solid roof conservatory on to an existing base and side frames of course the actual design on the single storey extension roof will be fixed, but if we are building a brand new single storey extension we can construct the design to suit your needs and the existing house. Using a solid roofed conservatory instead of a glass roof conservatory of course restricted the natural light ingress through the roof, we can compensate for this by installing opening roof windows or as shown in this single storey extension example, installing a gable frame in the front elevation, with a vaulted ceiling allows as much light as possible.

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Single Storey Extension Design & Installation Service

We offer a comprehensive single storey extension service throughout the UK. We offer the peace of mind that comes with an comprehensive guarantee insured through the Consumer Protection Association. If you are considering adding a single storey extension to your home please give us a call today, we believe we offer a full range of excellent solutions, from full glass, through orangery design which cover approximately 25% of the roof covered by a plastered pelmet, to a full solid roofed conservatory that is the modern, stylish solution for a single storey extension.

We build bespoke orangeries and conservatories throughout the UK. In addition to replacement conservatory roo projects we also carry out projects to replace polycarbonate conservatory roof with glass, as well as new build conservatory and orangery designs to suit any home.

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