Replacement Conservatory Project Examples

Many people find their existing conservatory, especially if it has an old polycarbonate roof, too hot to in Summer and too Cold in Winter meaning the room only has limited times of year when it can be used. For more than two decades we have worked to develop products that can transform an existing conservatory in to a room that can be enjoyed all year round. We have a choice of replacement conservatory options, and take care of the entire project, as a Local Authority Building Control partner we even take care of building regulations if required.

old conservatory needing replacementreplacement conservatory with solid roof with tiles, converted to extension

Replacement Conservatory with a Solid Roof - a conservatory becomes an extension

The above example project features a modern lightweight solid roof with inset glazing, the product featured on our modern single storey extension webpage. We have two lightweight solid roof options, one with an authentic tile/slate external look, and the other with grey aluminium panles. On this project the client not only wanted a replacement conservatory with a solid roof to transform the thermal performance of the room, but wanted to open up the side of the room on to their patio, so we ammended the brickwork and included aluminium bifold doors in our design. Glazed sections were included in the replacement conservatory solid roof to allow natural light in to the room leading in from the house. Changing from a glass or polycarbonate roof to a solid roof changes the status of the room, which can not be defined as a conservatory, which is a room with a minimum of 75% of its roof glazed, there is no such thing as a solid roofed conservatory. This project needed building regulation approval, from checking the suitability of the existing foundations, installing reinforced side frames to take the additional applied dead load of the roof, through to final certification, we took care of everything.

old conservatory needing replacementreplacement conservatory with aluminium roof, orangery style conservatory

Replacement Conservatory to an Orangery Style Conservatory

On the project shown above we retained the existing base and walls, replacing everything above. On this project we installed hardwood side frames and a structurally proven aluminium roof. The roof features an orangery style pelmet around the perimeter of the roof, with inset spotlights, the roofing system is shown on our Orangery Style Conservatory webpage. The new roof has completely transformed the conservatory. Our latest technology glazing has a market leading thermal performance, and the orangery pelmet, which can be any size, increases the thermal performance of the room. Our Orangery Style Conservatory replacement project can transform a conservatory in to a room that can be enjoyed all year round, as valuable additional living space, but as it is technically a conservatory according to the regulations, unlike the solid roof option, it does not require full building regulation approval.

existing conservatory before replacementreplacement conservatory to extension with slate roofreplacement conservatory to orangery style conservatory internalreplacement conservatory to solid roof extension internal

Replacement Conservatory Installers - full project service

We have been trading successfully since March 2000 and some of our dedicated installers have been with us since we started. We have ammassed enormous experience and ensure every project is carried out to the highest standards. We design and specify every project to the clients specific requirements. The upper images above show a project where the client wanted a traditional slate roof, and fortunately our investigations confirmed the existing foundations were fit for purpose. We installed a bespoke steel subframe with hardwood side frames, with a reclaimed slate roof to match the existing house, and velux roof windows for additional natural light.

Every project is individually specified,and the design options for our replacement conservatory projects are limited only by our need to ensure the project is structurally sound and fit for purpose, but the bottom two images on this page show the internal view of a couple of our replacement conservatory projects, with an Orangery Style Conservatory on the left and a Solid Roof on the right. Contact us today about your replacement conservatory project

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