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Orangeries in Leicestershire

We construct outstanding bespoke orangeries in Leicestershire featuring the latest technology glazing that can be enjoyed all year round, making superb dining room extensions, playrooms, home offices, or just the perfect place to relax or entertain family or friends. They can make a great investment, adding value to your home. As a successful family run business since March 2000, we are UltraInstallers, Consumer Protection Association members and FENSA registered.

Bespoke Design Orangeries in Leicestershire

Our orangery projects in Leicestershire combine living space with beautiful natural light. An orangery in Leicestershire built with our latest technology glass also brings all the benefits of a solid roofed extension but with the added benefit of natural light through our latest technology conservatory roof glass.

The orangeries we build in Leicestershire are as diverse as our clients and their homes. We construct 4 basic orangery design options, all of which can be completely bespoke built to suit your requirements.

Traditional Parapet Orangery - with parapet brickwork above the side windows, this orangery design option requires building regulation approval.

Traditional Fascia Orangery - with fascia at the eaves level, with its atrium style roof inset into a flat roof section this orangery design also needs building regulation approval

New Loggia Orangery - this design features super insulated Loggia columns and a plastered orangery style internal pelmet, but based on a conservatory principle is exempt from building regulations.

New Orangery Style Conservatory - with a glass roof this is built in a conservatory style but features the plastered internal orangery pelmet and enhanced external eaves, exempt from building regulations and at a more competitive price than a traditional orangery.

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Leicestershire Orangery Client Review

During the many years since we established we have amassed an enormous number of delighted clients and as a result we have been able to expand our business without advertising, based purely on the orangery recommendations of our clients. Prior to making a decision regarding which company you choose to construct your bespoke orangery in Leicestershire, read this genuine recommendation supplied by a client.

This project was completed without fuss and to an extremely high standard. The quality of the workmanship and materials, the efficiency of and the care taken by the workers, and the quality of the finished product were all extremely high.

When building orangeries in Leicestershire and the surrounding area we work closely with the client to minimise our environmental impact by adhering to our sustainability policy developed by Environmental Scientists to meet UK government environmental guidelines and registered under the control of pollution act of 1989.

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Start Your Orangery Project

Before beginning your project there are various things to consider; these can include basics such as design, materials and size but could also include investigating whether there are any restrictions on your property, such as conservation areas, listed building status or drainage/ inspection chamber issues. If you are ready to start discussing your orangery project in Leicestershire with us then we have a couple of options. Firstly we like to receive as much information as possible from the potential client regarding their requirements; we can then use this information to draw up some initial CAD's of the bespoke orangery ready for a quotation or to setup an appointment for further consultation. Our design and quotation service has been independently approved by the BBA as "very professional".

Since establishing in March 2000, we have always believed that the design and planning stage of a bespoke orangery project in Leicestershire is a job for an experienced professional, which is why we have never employed any salesmen. In addition, we take care of the entire project, from dealing with initial planning permission enquiries, right through construction to completion including all the finishing off trades such as plastering, electrics and finished flooring. This gives you the benefit and convenience of a single dedicated project manager and the peace of mind that comes with an insurance backed guarantee.

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