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Conservatories in Huntingdon

We've been constructing beautiful conservatories in Huntingdon and the surrounding area for over 20 years so we can be certain that if you want an all year round usable room we offer the best quality products, best value for money and un-rivalled personal service. We are UltraInstallers, Consumer Protection Association members and FENSA registered. Our conservatory projects in Huntingdon represent the ultimate evolution of the conservatory, into a room that is both structurally sound and thermally efficient enough to enjoy all year as genuine extra living space.

Bespoke Design Conservatories in Huntingdon

Throughout our many years of trading we have built numerous conservatories in Huntingdon of different styles, colours and with different materials. We work exhaustively through the design and planning stage of a conservatory project with the client to ensure the perfect combination of materials and style is chosen. Whether the client chooses uPVC, aluminium or hardwood we can specify a full range of standard colour options or alternatively our dedicated paint shop can bespoke paint the conservatory to match the client's existing home or the surrounding Huntingdonshire area.

Our conservatory projects in Huntingdon, undoubtedly represent an excellent investment. In fact our Ultraframe conservatories were featured on 12 programmes in the ITV series Better Homes, presented by Carol Vordermann. In a contest against diverse home improvement projects our conservatories were shown to add more value in every case.

We also carry out a lot of work to upgrade existing conservatories in Huntingdon, sometimes by increasing the size, or sometimes by replacing the conservatory roof with a latest technology glass to improve its thermal performance.

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Huntingdon Conservatory Case Study

Our conservatory projects in Huntingdon are made to measure and are always individually designed. For example if your conservatory is going to be south facing we can ensure there is adequate ventilation, but also use latest technology glass that rejects a tremendous amount of solar heat gain. If your Huntingdon conservatory project will feature a difficult to reach roof we can also offer the added convenience of self-cleaning glass.

Below are some images of our clients beautiful new conservatory in Hinchinbrooke near Huntingdon. Our clients wanted an extra room to use as a dining room conservatory, but the house rear elevation is angled in the centre, this superb bespoke sunlounge has given them a perfect solution, like all our conservatories in Huntingdon, structurally sound and fit for purpose.

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Start Your Conservatory Project

Before beginning your project there are various things to consider; these can include basics such as design, materials and size but could also include investigating whether there are any restrictions on your property, such as conservation areas, listed building status or drainage/ inspection chamber issues. If you are ready to start discussing your conservatory project in Huntingdon with us then we have a couple of options. Firstly we like to receive as much information as possible from the potential client regarding their requirements; we can then use this information to draw up some initial CAD's of the bespoke conservatory ready for a quotation or to setup an appointment for further consultation.

Since establishing in March 2000, we have always believed that the design and planning stage of a bespoke conservatory project in Huntingdon is a job for an experienced professional, which is why we have never employed any salesmen. Our strong ethics mean we have an incredible attention to minute detail, whether that be at the planning stage or the installation stage, it also means we believe in doing our small part to help the environment so we've developed a sustainability policy with Environmental Scientists that meets UK government environmental guidelines and is registered under the control of pollution act of 1989.

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