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Hardwood Windows in Rutland

We've learned so many lessons in our over 20 years of successful trading, not least of which in the area of the high performance glazing that goes into our hardwood window projects in Rutland. That's why we can confidently assert that all the hardwood windows we offer are market leading in heat retention, heat reflection and noise reduction, as well as convenience of ownership and security.

Individually Designed Hardwood Windows in Rutland

All hardwood window projects in Rutland are independently specified and crafted just for you and will always be certified for your exact requirements, for example for South facing bedrooms we have glass that can reject up to 82% of solar heat gain and for those hard to reach hardwood windows we can install self-cleaning glass.

If you live in a conservation area or in a listed building in Rutland you may be required to have hardwood windows so as to stay in keeping with the property and surrounding area. As part of our planning and design services we contact the relevant authorities in order to best advice you on whether hardwood windows are required on your property in Rutland.

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Hand Finished Hardwood Windows in Rutland Crafted From Sustainable Sources

All the hardwood windows we install in Rutland are hand finished, maintaining traditional methods to keep the warm, natural appearance of the timber intact. We have found that spraying timber covers the grain of the wood and therefore loses the character of the product. In addition to all of these bespoke touches we also guarantee that the raw materials used in our hardwood windows are drawn from sustainable sources.

Maintenance - Maintenance requirements for hardwood windows are minimal and usually consist of just a light rub down and repaint for the exterior every 3 - 5 years, dependent on weather conditions and climate.

Hardwood Windows Workshop - We're proud of being one of the few companies who still manufacture their own products in their own workshop. It is something of a rarity these days to find a company who fabricate by hand as much as we do. The handmade aspect of our Rutland hardwood windows is what sets us apart from our competitors as it allows us to be totally bespoke in our approach, and of course gives the customer the opportunity to specify whatever size and style they require for their hardwood windows project in Rutland.

Design, Plan, Supply & Install - Of course, it doesn't all start in the factory. Firstly, we offer a design and consultation service to each and every one of our customers. To make sure your hardwood windows are absolutely perfect for you we will take care of the entire project. From dealing with building regulation enquiries with the local Council to, in the case of replacement jobs in Rutland, having your hardwood windows crafted to perfectly match your existing windows and finally through to installing your bespoke hardwood windows in Rutland. You get the convenience of a single dedicated project manager and the peace of mind that comes with an insurance backed guarantee that covers the entire conservatory construction.

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The Benefits of our Hardwood Windows

• Our hardwood windows projects in Rutland can easily achieve up to and beyond A-rated windows meaning you can guarantee that the hardwood windows we install for you will be of incredibly high quality.

• Our hardwood windows help exceed Building Regulations concerning energy efficiency in homes now and for the future changes expected.

• Our hardwood windows enable householders in Rutland to reduce energy usage and save money on heating bills.

• Our hardwood windows are environmentally friendly and are helping to achieve the Government’s targets for reducing CO2 emissions from homes.

• Our high quality hardwood window projects in Rutland help to reduce drafts near windows to create a more useful space in rooms.

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