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Glass Roof Conservatories

We've have been at the forefront of latest technology high performance conservatory roof glass for many years. Advances in nanocoating technology mean that a glass roof conservatory can be warmer in winter, cooler in summer and still let in lots of beautiful natural light making it a fabulous space to enjoy all year round. We will ensure your conservatory roof glass is properly specified and that your conservatory roof glass will comply with BS6262 for safety, and be installed by experienced tradesmen.

Conservatory Glass Roof Performance

Heat Retention - We can install glass with the lowest possible u value. The U value is the measurement of air-to-air heat transfer, so the lower the u value the more efficient the insulation. Our latest technology, almost transparent coating that is applied within the sealed unit, together with argon gas injected in to the cavity ensures our conservatory roof glass is the warmest possible, making your conservatory enjoyable through the coldest winters.

Heat Rejection - On South facing conservatories, excessive heat build up during the Summer can be a problem, however we have a number of options to reduce solar heat gain. Our best performing and most popular glass (best heat rejection to light transmission ratio) rejects an amazing 82% of solar heat. We also have a number of tint options to reduce glare, ensuring a glass roof conservatory can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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Self Cleaning Conservatory Roof Glass

Pilkington Activ and Saint-Gobain BioClean, These types of glass have a coating that reacts with UV rays in sunlight to generate a photocatalytic process, that loosens and breaks down organic dirt particles on the surface of the glass.

The surface of the coating is hydrophilic. Therefore, instead of forming droplets, it attracts water so that it spreads and forms a thin film that 'sheets' away quickly, and dries off without leaving unsightly 'drying spots'. Self cleaning glass leaves less dirt and grime adhering to the glass resulting in the glass staying cleaner for longer, meaning less maintenance is needed.

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Structural Information for Glass Roof Conservatories

The additional weight load of glass (over products like polycarbonate sheeting) means a glass roof conservatory needs to be structurally proven in every case. Our glass roof conservatories will usually feature structural tie-bars and reinforced rafters and eaves. We also have a number of safety features unique to our glass roof conservatory projects such as the retaining clips at the end of the rafter bars that ensure the glass cannot slip.

We are passionate about helping our clients get the specification right first time so whether you are considering a new glass roof conservatory or thinking of upgrading an existing conservatory call us or complete our online contact form.

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