Conservatory Design Ideas

All our conservatory designs are completely bespoke and can be adapted or designed from scratch to suit your requirements. All our conservatory designs are available with a complete glass roof as a glazed extension, or with orangery design enhancements to provide a solid roofed perimeter or as a complete solid roof as a single storey extension option.

These designs are purely here to give you some inspiration and can be adapted or designed from scratch to suit your requirements.

conservatory design Victorian, conservatory designs Victorian, conservatory design ideas


Featuring an elegant angled bay front, with usually 3 sections, we can construct a bespoke Victorian with a 5, 7 sections or even curved. A stretched front reduces the amount of space lost on the angled corners.

conservatory design Loggia, conservatory designs Loggia, conservatory design ideas


The Loggia conservatory is one of the newest conservatory design products in the industry and is creating quite a buzz due to its Italian renaissance inspired design and incredible thermal effciency.

conservatory design Gable, conservatory designs Gable, conservatory design ideas


This traditional conservatory design has a ridge running the full length of the room, allowing lots of beautiful natural light to flood in.

conservatory design Edwardian, conservatory designs Edwardian, conservatory design ideas


The Edwardian conservatory, is our most popular design, with its attractive appearance and practical use of available space.

conservatory design P Shape, conservatory designs P Shape, conservatory design ideas

P Shape

More complex conservatory designs are a speciality of ours. P shaped conservatories designs can provide you with the feel of 2 rooms, for example a dining room with a lounge area.

conservatory design LeanTo, conservatory designs LeanTo, conservatory design ideas


The sunlounge, also known as a lean to can provide a superb addition to any home, modern or traditional, with aroof at any angle between 2 and 30 degrees, to suit any property.

conservatory design Veranda, conservatory designs Veranda, conservatory design ideas

Modern Veranda

The unique Veranda conservatory design blurs the joint between the conservatory and the garden and makes a great place to relax or entertain.

conservatory design T Shape, conservatory designs T Shape, conservatory design ideas

T Shape

The T shape can make a truly impressive addition to any home, featuring 2 valleys and usually a gable front section, all our conservatory projects are structurally proven in winds in excess of 130mph.

conservatory design Georgian, conservatory designs Georgian, conservatory design ideas


The Georgian conservatory, is one of our most popular designs, with its attractive appearance and practical use of available space.

conservatory design orangery, conservatory designs orangery, conservatory design ideas

Orangery Style Conservatory

This is the ultimate affordable orangery, with an internal plastered pelmet and enhanced external aluminium eaves added to our structurally proven conservatory system.

conservatory design glazed extension, conservatory designs glazed extension, conservatory design ideas

Glazed Extensions

Our development of high performance glass has meant that our conservatory designs can be more of a solid extension, but with the added benefit of allowing natural light in to the room.

conservatory design solid roof, conservatory designs solid roof, conservatory design ideas

Solid Roof Conservatory

Our solid roof conservatories incorporate an innovative roofing system that extends your living space in perfect harmony to give you the most loved room in the house. Our solid roof conservatory also out performs a traditional build roof and is much faster to install.

conservatory design LivinRoof, conservatory designs LivinRoof, conservatory design ideas


The new LivinRoof conservatory is the first roofing system designed to give you the flexibility to combine solid and glazed roofing seamlessly. It helps you extend your living space and enhance thermal performance to give you a room that you can use all year round.

conservatory design single storey extension, conservatory designs single storey extension, conservatory design ideas

Modern Single Storey Extension

Our modern single storey extension design has undergone exhaustive testing, design and re-design to arrive at a product perfect for every roof design and configuration.

conservatory design for bungalow, conservatory designs for bungalow, conservatory design ideas


We build superb conservatories on bungalows, the back height restriction can be overcome by either structural boxgutter which allows a higher pitch or we can install a low pitch lean to.

conservatory design boxgutter, conservatory designs boxgutter, conservatory design ideas


This conservatory design is for situations where there is either restricted back height or the conservatory is very wide in relation to the projection.

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