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Composite Doors in Northampton

Northampton has a wide range of houses ranging from classic, traditional styles to modern, contemporary new build properties and the bespoke nature of our Northampton composite doors means they can suit any type of property. Our composite doors provide a formidable barrier against would-be intruders, while offering a stylish welcome to guests. The bespoke composite doors we install in Northampton & the surrounding area are available in an extensive range of colours, styles and wood grain effects with a wide variety of glazing options. We even offer the option to have a different colour for the inside and outside of your composite doors.

Composite Doors & the Benefits for our Clients in Northampton

Secure - The composite doors we install in Northampton are fitted with the highest security, 11-pin locks as standard (most have 5 or 6 pins). These secure composite doors give you a stylish, personalised welcome to your guests, while offering the highest security on the market. The composite doors we install in Northampton are also built with a 48mm solid timber core rather than being filled with foam and only a small solid section offering much greater security than most other composite door products in Northampton.

Durable - The combination of materials lends the composite door high resistance to weathering or any weather-based damage such as warping, twisting or cracking. Our composite doors will never crack, split, warp or rot and also have robust 'through colour' thermo plastic skins that help maintain the colour of the door even when scratched.

Thermally Efficient - The composite doors we install in Northampton benefit from a 48mm solid timber core that not only offers increased security but also provides very good energy efficiency helping you save money on heating.

Many Design And Colour Options - Our composite doors can be ordered in a huge range of colours and designs including exclusive finishes to suit your home and the local neighbourhood. The 'through colour' of our composite doors means that if the door is scratched it will not show white and need to be repainted as opposed to a gel finish or stain on the surface.

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Bespoke Design Composite Doors in Northampton & the Surrounding Area

Our composite doors include a wide variety of styles, colours and finishes from traditional looks through to more contemporary style allowing you to fully customise your composite door to suit your home, the surrounding area and personal taste. We also have an extensive range of glass options allowing further customisation of the composite doors we install in Northampton. There is also the option to add door furniture and accessories such as door knockers, handles, letter plates and extra security features to name a few.

With 20 standard colours to choose from and over 11,000 total colour options, we offer the largest range of colours of any Northampton based composite doors company.

Client Review for our Composite Doors - Throughout our many years as composite doors installers in Northampton we have amassed a large client base of satisfied customers as a result of our unrivalled professionalism and quality. Read this unsolicited review from our clients Mr & Mrs Wade referring to a composite door we installed for them. We also built a conservatory for them that they were equally pleased with.

The front door and side panel looks and feels very strong/robust. Also the closing and locking is very sound too. The finish of the door and side panel is excellent and we are both very pleased so far.

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Start Your Replacement Composite Door Project

To make sure your Northampton composite doors are absolutely perfect for you we will take care of the entire project including dealing with any necessary enquiries with local authorities. You get the convenience of a single dedicated project manager and the peace of mind that comes with an insurance backed guarantee that covers the entire construction process.

We offer a free composite doors installations design and quotation service, contact us today by telephone or filling in our contact form. Our design, specification and quotation service has been independently assessed as "very professional" by the building trade assessment body the BBA. We look forward to hearing from you.

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