Frequently Asked Questions

Will my conservatory be too hot in the summer?

No, A breakthrough in heat reflective glass that is specially designed for conservatories and large glazed areas, Vivaldi heat reflective glass is perfect for use in both the roof and verticals. Its unique heat reflective glass coating also helps keep internal temperatures cool whilst still maintaining excellent light transmittance. Click here for more information on our heat reflective glass.

Will my conservatory be too cold in the winter?

No, Our latest high performance, low-emissivity soft coated energy efficient windows offer outstanding energy efficiency especially when incorporated within an Insulating Glass Unit. Vivaldi's energy efficient windows are one of the best and well known products on the market and with the much accredited workmanship of our installers our energy efficient windows can be fitted just about anywhere. Click here for more information on our energy efficient windows and glass.

Will a conservatory add value to my house?

Yes, But only by using the highest quality materials and engineers will a conservatory add value to your house, if the correct materials and workmanship isnt used then a conservatory can be a negative investment as you will have to endlessly dip into your wallet to have things replaced and fixed. Click here to find out more.

Do i need to get planning permission?

No, we take care of the whole project from start to finish whether that includes getting planning permission or not.

Can i get a conservatory in any colour?

Yes, Our coloured conservatories design and installation service gives you the opportunity to have your conservatory painted to any Ral colour so you can match your coloured conservatory to your house. Click here for more information on our coloured conservatories.

What is your most energy efficient glazed product?

A Loggia conservatory provides X5 better thermal efficiency than a standard glass roof conservatory and is one of the most energy effcient glazed extension products on the market. Click here for more information.

Is it possible to upgrade a conservatory?

Yes, at Vivaldi we are doing more and more conservatory upgrades for people who have old polycarbonate or glass conservatory roofs that have become worn and in-efficient. Click here for more information on our conservatory upgrades.

Can a low pitch glass conservatory be built on a bungalow?

Yes, we can build a conservatory roof down to 2% which is easily low enough for any bungalow. The more popular option is to add a boxgutter to the house abutment which allows us to installer a roof of any pitch. Click here for more information on our boxgutter conservatories.

Do you have standard designs and sizes for your conservatories?

No! All conservatories, orangeries and other building projects undertaken by us are all bespoke to the clients needs, budget, design ideas and the space available.

Can you build a conservatory in a conservation area?

Yes, we always obtain planning permission before starting a project in a conservation area and liaise closely with the local conservation officer throughout the project.

How can i have the look and feel of a traditional extension without the same costs?

Our brand new lightweight modern extension provides better thermal performance than even that of a traditional extension. The incredibly technologically advanced modern extension roofing system is so lightweight that it has the ability to be installed onto reinforced conservatory frames and therefore provides the best of both worlds with the roof providing the solid, homely feel along with thermal efficiency whilst the reinforced glazed conservatory side frames allow for a room bathed in natural light. The Vivaldi lightweight modern extension is the answer for people with existing tired, old conservatories aswell as those looking to have something totally new built.

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