Solar Energy Glass - The Future Of Renewable Energy

Solar energy glass generates clean electricity on see-through glass windows, by making use of the energy of natural sunlight and artificial sources such as fluorescent and LED lighting typically installed in offices, schools, and commercial buildings.

Solar Energy Glass Compared To Traditional Solar Panels

Traditional solar panels create on average £11218.28 per KWH per year whereas high performance solar energy glass creates £89541.66 per KWH per year.

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Solar Energy Glass - Development

Solar energy glass is being developed in the US and has been successfully tested on many commercial buildings and private homes. A company at the forefront of developing solar energy glass is currently working on products that meet all the demands of solar energy glass consumers, a few of which are listed below.

• A flat glass product for installation in new commercial towers under construction and replacement windows.

• Structural glass walls and curtains for tall structures.

• Textured and decorative interior glass walls, room dividers.

• A window glass for installation in new residential homes under construction and replacement windows.

• Flexible films which may be applied directly on to glass, similar to aftermarket window tint films, for retrofit to existing commercial towers, buildings, and residential homes.

• Building product components associated with building-integrated-photovoltaic applications in homes, buildings, and office towers.

How Can Solar Energy Glass Create Electricity?