Conservatory Roof Glass Options From Vivaldi

Exciting recent advances in nanocoating technology have transformed the thermal performance of conservatory glass. A glass roof conservatory can now provide you with a room you can enjoy all year round. Glass roof conservatories can provide a truly remarkable thermal performance, but still allow lots of natural light to flood in. Conservatory glass can be specified to retain heat and also reject excessive summer heat & harmful UV.

Conservatory glass roofs can also have the superb convenience of being self-cleaning using the latest Activ self-cleaning conservatory glass from Pilkington or its competitor BioClean self-cleaning glass from Saint Gobain. In a lot of cases a glass roof conservatory can provide you with all the benefits of a traditional extension, without the drawback of losing light transmission into existing rooms.

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Contact Vivaldi to receive conservatory glass roof performance details. As conservatory glass specialists, we can visit you to show you samples of all available conservatory glass and demonstrate their thermal performance with our heat box. How does our latest technology SolarVitreous glass achieve its remarkable thermal performance? An almost transparent metallic coating is applied to the glass prior to the sealed unit being formed, this in effect bounces solar energy from the sun back away from the conservatory and reflects radiated heat you create back into the room. Call us today to arrange your free, no-obligation home demonstration.

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Warmer In Winter - Cooler In Summer

Our conservatory glass has market leading heat retention with a uvalue as low as 1.0. Our conservatory glass can reject up to 80% of solar heat gain and 99.9% of harmful uv.

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Conservatory Glass Options - Contact us

At Vivaldi Construction we use our enormous experience to ensure that we specify the correct glazing products to ensure that our clients can enjoy their new conservatory all year round. Contact us today on 0800 083 0555, we will be happy to give you the conservatory glazing advice you need.

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