Energy Efficient Windows - The Importance

Over 25% of the heat from homes and public buildings escapes through the windows so, with the rising costs of energy and increasing environmental awareness, more emphasis than ever is being placed on ways to save energy in all types of domestic, commercial and public buildings. Government regulations specifying minimum requirements for the energy efficiency of windows and new buildings are being gradually tightened and at the same time, emphasis is being placed on the importance of improving existing housing stock.

Requirements for thermal insulation in refurbishments such as replacement windows have also been tightened and schemes such as the Green Deal introduced to encourage homeowners to improve efficiency.

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Energy Efficient Windows - Vivaldi Can Help

Our latest high performance, low-emissivity soft coated energy efficient windows offer outstanding energy efficiency especially when incorporated within an Insulating Glass Unit.

Vivaldi's energy efficient windows are one of the best and well known products on the market and with the much accredited workmanship of our installers our energy efficient windows can be fitted just about anywhere.

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Various window designs and colours.

Energy Efficient Windows - The Benefits

• Our energy efficient windows when incorporated into a Vivaldi double glazed unit can easily achieve up to and beyond A-rated windows in all frame materials.

• Energy efficient windows help exceed Building Regulations concerning energy efficiency in homes now and for the future changes expected.

• Energy efficient windows enable householders to reduce energy usage and save money on heating bills.

• Energy efficient windows are environmentally friendly and are helping to achieve the Government’s targets for reducing CO2 emissions from homes.

• Energy efficient windows helps to reduce drafts near windows to create a more useful space in rooms.

• Energy efficient windows provide excellent light transmission which helps to reduce the need for artificial lighting.

• Our energy efficient windows are suitable for use in PVCu, timber and aluminium profiles in both new and replacement windows.