Edwardian Style Conservatory

The Edwardian style conservatory is currently the most popular conservatory design. Its popularity is due to attractive appearance that also provides the maximum use of internal space. The Edwardian style conservatory on the left is constructed from our low maintenance oak uPVC. Vivaldi Construction offers a nationwide Edwardian conservatory quote service see our Edwardian conservatory images page for more project examples as well as our Edwardian conservatories page.

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Edwardian Conservatory Construction

Individually to suit your home. At Vivaldi Construction we know that all our clients and their homes are unique, so all our Edwardian conservatories are individually specified to the clients own requirements. The Edwardian conservatory construction example on the right features a boiler flue ducted through thr roof. At Vivaldi Construction we ensure that all our Edwardian conservatory construction projects comply with all relevant regulations.

Structurally Sound Edwardian Style Conservatories

We always start by ensuring that your Edwardian style conservatory is structurally tested. We ensure your Edwardian style conservatory will withstand winds in excess of 130 mph for your peace of mind. You can watch an Edwardian conservatory being structurally tested here.

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Bespoke Edwardian Style Conservatories

In addition to the basic design a number of finer features can be added to the specification. Pilasters are large reinforced corner pillars, which reinforce the Edwardian design style, as well as adding to the solid look of the conservatory. Internal eaves trim can be added that also adds to the Edwardian architectural look. External cornice can be added to the external eaves, which when combined with the pilasters gives that classy, solid Edwardian appearance.

A Vivaldi Conservatory represents the Ultimate Evolution of the conservatory into a room that is structurally sound and thermally efficient enough to be enjoyed all year round, we have many clients enjoying their unique Edwardian style conservatories as a conservatory dining room. Our Orangery Style Conservatory system can be added to an Edwardian Conservatory.

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Most of our Edwardian style conservatories have a dwarf wall, some have higher walls like the image on the left, but it really is the clients choice. So whats unique about Edwardian style conservatories from Vivaldi? We offer un-rivalled attention to detail and a full Edwardian conservatory construction service from dealing with initial planning permission enquiries, right through construction to completion, call today on 0800 083 0555.

A unique Vivaldi Edwardian Conservatory Construction Can Have A Solid Roof

For those clients wanting the ease of construction and cost effective price of a Vivaldi Edwardian conservatory construction, but the feel of a solid roof we can offer our new solid roofed Edwardian style conservatory.

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This solution has an incredibly warm roof and can be retro fitted to existing Edwardian style conservatories that are too cold to enjoy all year round. They make a fantastic Edwardian style conservatory upgrade, for those clients looking for an Edwardian conservatory improvement. View example images of our solid roofed conservatory that provides an ideal single storey extension alternative.