Vivaldi Conservatories For Bungalows

At Vivaldi Construction we have been installing conservatories on our client’s bungalows since we started way back in March 2000. All our bungalow conservatories are unique, designed to the client’s specific requirements but share the following.

Valuable living space to be enjoyed all year round - Our un-rivalled product knowledge and attention to detail allows us to specify the conservatory so it can be enjoyed as a dining room, additional reception room or just a fabulous place to relax and enjoy the view of the garden.

Natural light - Typically a Vivaldi bungalow conservatory has a latest technology glass roof that is far more thermally efficient than a traditional conservatory roof, clever nano-coating inside our sealed unit glazing allows excellent heat retention as well as rejection of excessive solar heat, but still allows lots of beautiful natural light. Combining a element of solid roof with glass is also growing in popularity.

Unlimited design options - Clearly bungalows present a unique design consideration, the restricted height where the conservatory roof joins the existing property. Our mastery of bungalow conservatory design ensures we can utilise our structural boxgutter to ensure virtually all our normal conservatory designs can also be installed on a bungalow.

Endless material choices - Vivaldi bungalow conservatories can be constructed to compliment any property, using framework manufactured from maintenance uPVC or aluminium or timeless hardwood, finished in any colour or stain finish.

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Conservatories for Bungalows - Bespoke Design Options

Using our extensive product knowledge we help our client choose an appropriate conservatory for their bungalow to compliment their lifestyle and ensure the room is both beautiful and completely structurally sound, as the variety of different projects on this page illustrates. In the past the limited height available on a bungalow meant a very low pitch lean to style roof was the only option. We still build these for those clients who prefer its simple, clean lines. However the 5 degree minimum pitch required for a glass roof limits the available projection on a lean to bungalow conservatory. Installation of a structural boxgutter against the bungalow, either fixed to the fascia or brickwork if available, removes the design limitations completely and is usually the preferred option.

We design in accordance with the Vivaldi Good Practice Guide and take everything in to consideration, from ground conditions and drains, through how much direct sunlight the room will get and what the client’s plans to use the room for. Our client will only build one conservatory on their bungalow and so needs to get the design right first time, the unique feature of our service is the number of bungalow conservatories we have already built and the experience that has given us.

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Conservatories for Bungalows – Specifying the Materials

We build bungalow conservatories on walls of brick, render or stone, to match the existing house. As the few examples of our work on this page show, the walls form as much of the side elevations as our clients choose, in fact the LABC definition of a conservatory allows up to 50% solid walls, beyond which the room would not be a conservatory and would not consequently be exempt from building regulations. The most popular choice for windows and doors is still uPVC, for its maintenance free performance. This is available in any colour and many woodgrain foils.

Aluminium has increased in popularity in recent years, especially for the roof structure, again maintenance free and available in any colour. Hardwood remains a popular choice, with a timeless elegance that will never go out of fashion, although of course this comes at a price premium, and hardwood will also require some maintenance.

We help our clients make a properly informed choice, to suit their requirements, property, lifestyle and budget.

“Just a quick note to say thank you very much for a great job done on our conservatory by your company. The extra space has made a big difference to our family home. I would certainly recommend Vivaldi Construction to anyone. Thanks a lot.”

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Vivaldi Bungalow Conservatories - Trusted Installer

We offer a comprehensive bungalow conservatory installation service and take care of the entire project, from dealing with initial Planning Permission enquiries, through construction to completion including plastering, electrics and finished flooring. Our installation service is approved by the Government Testing Agency the BBA and we are approved Which Trusted Traders. Our bungalow conservatory installations benefit from an insurance backed guarantee for our clients complete peace of mind.

When it comes to bungalow conservatory installers, we know we employ the very best; we have bricklayers, conservatory installers and plasterers that have been with the company since we started over 18 years ago, dedicated to carrying out conservatory installations on bungalows to the very highest standards. That is why we have been able to satisfy 100% of our clients.

For those clients that would like a partially solid roof we are able to construct our Orangery Style Conservatories on bungalows. This involves the installation of an orangery pelmet with inset lighting to the perimeter of the roof, reducing the visible glass area (which also improves the thermal performance of the room).

For those looking to add an extension with even less visible light to their bungalow we can construct a traditional orangery or solid roofed extension, to the same high standards as our bungalow conservatories. On these projects we also deal with the necessary full building regulation approval.

If you would like any further information or advice on the most appropriate design solution for your circumstance please feel free to get in touch with us today. We have hundreds of images of completed projects and un-matched experience we can share with you.

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Our quotation service has been independently assessed by the BBA as “very professional”. We employ no salespeople, you will just receive friendly advice to help you design and specify the project and a comprehensive written quotation to consider at your leisure. Alternatively we are happy to provide advice and an approximate cost by email if you can provide us with images of the site and an outline of what you would like to achieve. Contact us today by phone on 0800 083 0555 or by filling in our online contact form.