Conservatories & Orangeries In Stamford By Vivaldi Construction

At Vivaldi Construction we have been constructing beautiful conservatories and orangeries in Stamford and the surrounding area for 18 years so we can be certain that if you want an all year round usable room we offer the best quality products, best value for money and un-rivalled personal service. We are Which? Trusted Traders, Ultra Installers, Consumer Protection Association members and FENSA registered. Our Stamford orangeries and conservatories represent the ultimate evolution of the home extension, into a room that is both structurally sound and thermally efficient enough to enjoy all year as genuine extra living space.

Throughout our many years of trading we have built numerous conservatories and orangeries in Stamford of different styles, colours and with different materials. We work exhaustively through the design and planning stage of an extension project with the client to ensure the perfect combination of materials and style is chosen. Whether the client chooses uPVC, aluminium or hardwood we can specify a full range of standard colour options or alternatively our dedicated paint shop can bespoke paint the conservatory or orangery to match the client's existing home or the surrounding Stamford area.

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Orangery In Stamford - Client Review

To make sure your Stamford conservatory or orangery is absolutely perfect for you we will take care of the entire project. From dealing with initial planning permission enquiries with the local Council, through construction of basework and frames, then on to plastering, electrics and flooring. You get the convenience of a single dedicated project manager and the peace of mind that comes with an insurance backed guarantee that covers the entire orangery or conservatory construction.

We take great care to ensure that all of our Stamford client's conservatories and orangeries suit their existing homes and give them the perfect extra room. Prior to making a decision regarding which company you choose to construct your extension read this genuine, unsolicited review from Prof B. Supple.

"The quality of the workmanship and materials, the efficiency of and the care taken by the workers, and the quality of the finished product were all extremely high. We are very impressed with the result, and greatly enjoy this impressive addition to our house."

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Stamford Hardwood Conservatory - Case Study

This hardwood conservatory below built for Mr & Mrs Kennedy near Stamford incorporates numerous innovative design features including, a drop valley, green painted hardwood, bespoke authentic astragals, spotlighting and an orangery style thermal internal pelmet.

Drop Valley - In order to maintain an adequate roof pitch whilst dealing with the height restrictions cause by the upstairs window, we incorporated a drop valley (this can be seen where the roof meets the house).

Green Painted Hardwood - The client wanted a different colour for the inside and outside of their bespoke conservatory so we worked with them to come up with a specific British Standard Colour (BS).

Bespoke Authentic Astragals - Traditional Stamford Georgian bars are perfectly suited for the single glazed windows on the clients house but could not support individual double glazed sealed units. In order to match the size of style of the existing house windows we bespoke designed authentic astragals that are fixed to the outer and inner glass panes with dummy spacer bars inside the window. We would challenge anyone to spot the difference between our bespoke authentic astragals and traditional Georgian bars.

Orangery Style Thermal Pelmet & Spotlighting - Our Orangery style thermal plastered pelmet with spotlighting provides the client with a perfect combination of style and thermal efficiency.

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Start Your Conservatory or Orangery Project

Before beginning your conservatory or orangery project there are various things to consider; these can include basics such as design, materials and size but could also include investigating whether there are any restrictions on your property, such as conservation areas, listed building status or drainage/ inspection chamber issues. If you are ready to start discussing your orangery or conservatory project with us then we have a couple of options. Firstly we like to receive as much information as possible from the potential client regarding their requirements; we can then use this information to draw up some initial CAD's of the conservatory or orangery ready for a quotation or to setup an appointment for further consultation.

Since establishing in March 2000, we at Vivaldi have always believed that the design and planning stage of an orangery and conservatory project is a job for an experienced professional, which is why we have never employed any salesmen. Our strong ethics mean we have an incredible attention to minute detail, whether that be at the planning stage or the installation stage, it also means we believe in doing our small part to help the environment so we've developed a sustainability policy with Environmental Scientists from the University of Nottingham that meets UK government environmental guidelines and is registered under the control of pollution act of 1989.