Rutland Conservatory Case Study

Our clients wanted to extend their home with a conservatory they could enjoy all year as a dining room with additional seating. They were particularly keen to use glass in the roof, to preserve the natural light into the existing house.

They insisted that the brickwork and framework blend in as closely as possible with the existing house. We discussed all the design options, showing the clients lots of examples of our previous conservatory designs to help the client choose the most appropriate design.see local examples on our Stamford conservatories page. We then demonstrated the remarkable thermal performance of our latest technology conservatory roof glass.

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When the client has made their choices we start to confirm the specification. Firstly the project needed to be structurally proven. Every project we carry out is designed to withstand hurricane force winds in excess of 130mph. We also confirm the Planning Permission status.

Rutland conservatory completed project featuring the very latest technology glazing, to make the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer

We sourced brickwork, both the blue engineering below the damp proof course & the facing bricks to match the existing house. The PVCu framework also matches the existing house windows, right down to the sculptured beading, meaning the Rutland conservatory framework blends in beautifully.

To make the conservatory warm enough in winter and cooler in the summer we specified the very highest thermal performance glass. It even has the added benefit of being self-cleaning, as we have specified the excellent Pilkington Activ blue self-cleaning glass.

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Rutland conservatories full project installation service

Our installation service does not end with the construction of the frames and glazing. We install the electrics, usually power ponits, lighting and a heater, we have an excellent plasterer, and we also usually install the finished flooring of ceramic tiles or Quickstep laminate wood. We have constructed a Rutland conservatory that looks great and is fit for the purpose the client had in mine.

We offer free design, planning and quotations on all our projects and are sure that we install the very best Rutland conservatories. At Vivaldi Construction we have been constructing bespoke conservatory solutions for over 18 years and we have achieved 100% satisfaction, please read some of our consumer surveys. If you would like to see some more examples of our Oakham conservatories, or local Rutland conservatories please feel free to get in touch.

How much light to you want, in addition to a full glass roof suitable as a glazed extension we can install orangery designs that have part of the roof area taken up with a plastered pelmet to reduce the visible glass area, we can also install solid roofed conservatories which are the modern, sytlish option for a single storey extension. All our projects come with our committment to 100% customer satisfaction. We carry out installation on all types of properties and are experts in obtaining permission to build conservatories on listed buildings.